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Men Can Also “See Red” During Sex

When the topic of “seeing red” in the bedroom comes up, people tend to think it is a female thing. In fact, a man bleeding during sex is very common, but it often frightens the people involved. Foreskin tears happen the most often. What is foreskin? The so-called foreskin refers to the skin at the(…)

The Secret of Female Ejaculation

When the heroine climaxed in Japanese director Imamura Shohei’s new film “Red Bridge Warm Water”, she ejaculated and gushed like a fountain. Of course, this is a very exaggerated performance. However, female ejaculation i.e. vaginal fluid does play a very important role in sex. Vaginal fluid is a mixture of liquid from a variety of(…)

Susceptibility to Erectile Dysfunction

Men who have not had sex for a long time may experience problems with their sexual function, including difficulty getting or maintaining erections, lack of hardness, and inability to last. This is a form of erectile dysfunction (ED) commonly called “disuse ED”. Many people suffer from ED. Men who live separated from their wife, are(…)